group of perfume bottles

I have been making miniature perfume bottles for several years and still supply finished one but decided to share the process with the curious. Most people are very surprised with how they are made and out of what materials.

They are made with empty gel capsules and resin. The gel capsules are the surprise! Many people think the "bottles" are some special glassware or plastic containers from some hard to find source. The empty capsules are available in healthfood stores. The resin and dyes are harder to find but a good hobby store should carry them, if not try the internet for other available places. Specific internet links are listed on the supply page along with visuals so you know what you are looking for in your search locally.

I have only three requests if you decide to do this project.

  • Read the project notes before you get started getting supplies so you are aware of the materials that you are working with. Resin is messy and smelly so you need to understand that in setting up a place to do the project before jumping in.
  • You may share this with friends but please credit the source. This is to promote visitors to my site and share a fun project at the same time. In other words, do not put your name on it and pass it off as yours. A lot of work went into this and I would like to add more tutorials and freebies later to the site. So pass the word for me! Thanks!
  • I have included a pdf print file of perfume labels, not a lot but it gets you started. These are for your personal use. You may use the project to make bottles to sell but please make or find your own labels if you decide to do that.

Instruction details

I hope you have as much fun making perfume bottles as I have. It leads to an endless array of color combinations from the mixing of dyes, capsule sizes and perfume labels. So enjoy!