Changes are in the air...

I am starting to work on the web site again. I am clearing out some of the old things to make way for newer things.

Each month in 2015, I am having a sale of specific items that I am no longer carrying. Check the link to the specials for the month.

I have always wanted to post pictures of some of my projects and some of the examples of what people have done with my kits over the years. So watch for the gallery to finally emerge.

There will be some shifting and upheaval in the kit pages to reconfigure things to work better. So bear with me and check back frequently this spring.

The catalogue page will be undergoing some cleaning also. I am going through each section to figure out what stays and what items are closed out. In the end, things should be clearer as to what items are available.

Bear with me as I muddle through the renovating of the web site. Thanks for being such loyal customers over the years and for the friendships that have developed along the way. Miniatures have a way of doing that.